Mumbai: Thief snatches chains worth Rs 7 lakh, leaves behind phone with Facebook logged in; nabbed

​Jaspal Singh, a scriptwriter is eating an ice- on his bike near a parlour when the accused approaches him under the pretext of asking for direction and then grabs at his chains. The victim manages to hold on to Shailendras collar and a struggle ensues, but Shailendra manages to push Jaspal with his bike landing on him and get away. He drops his phone in the fisticuffs though. 
This 28-year-old thought that after managing to steal over 270 gm of gold from a man relishing his ice-cream, he would escape to his hometown in Tamil Nadu. But, as is wont with his generation, he was given away by his phone – that he left behind in the struggle – and his Facebook account that directly led the cops to his doorstep. In a rare victory, the Bangur Nagar police recovered all the stolen gold worth Rs 7 lakh.
Read full story @Mid-day


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